what we are

Think of us as your outsourcing partner for product development. An incubator that you can rent with infrastructure and people too.

Sometimes you need a quick team to validate your hunch on a particular market need; sometimes you need help in your product visioning efforts; sometimes you may need extra resources to augment your marketing efforts; sometimes you may need a qualified team to do market research and report back the results. We come in under any of these situation in your product management efforts with a professional team to help you scale up and produce results.

our technology

Extensive experience developing websites and mobile applications with following technologies

  • LAMP – B2C websites  with Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP
  • .NET –  Enterprise B2B application in asp.net and C#
  • Android – Media and VOD apps
  • IOS – Media and VOD apps

our strength

We employ the same principle of outsourcing to our organization too, in other words we practice what we sell. We have a wide area network of Product Marketing Professionals, Technology Professionals and Software and Hardware development teams that enable us to quickly assemble a product team and start delivering product iteratively early on.Since we also operate in a “on need” basis with our resources we can scale up very fast to the changing demands of the product iterations.


… are the foundation of every thing we do

  • Employ Agile Practices.
  • Put the Customer First
  • Live the Mission.


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